Dan Mullin interviews Phillip

December 23, 2013Posted by Phillip

Dan Mullin  interviews me on "The Unemployed Philosopher's Podcast: The Show Where We Interview People Doing Innovative Things with Philosophy" about my films, American philosophy and pragmatism, and the digital humanities.

Rorty on his work & the humanities

October 15, 2013Posted by Phillip

Richard Rorty

Richard Rorty talks about his work, fame, what he reads, the narrowness of analytic philosophy and "the crisis in the humanities".

Putnam on babies & bathwater

October 9, 2013Posted by Phillip

Hilary Putnam

Hilary Putnam talks about his teachers, Hans Reichenbach and Rudolf Carnap and the tendency in philosophy and other arts and humanities to simply discard old ideas. Reichenbach had an insight about preserving certain classes of observation statements that serve as a functional a priori, a Kantian notion, but was later persuaded by Carnap to discard the idea.

Richard Rorty on John Dewey

October 2, 2013Posted by Phillip

John Dewey

"Philosophical ideas are confined to one percent of the population and they tend to be cosmopolites who are not easily identified with their country....Dewey's dreams of participatory democracy will never come true." Richard Rorty talks about John Dewey.

American Philosopher: The Film

May 29, 2013Posted by Phillip

William Shattered  

Who dares think a nation? What is the status of philosophy in a nation founded by philosophers? What are the risks of practicing philosophy in America? Does America have a "native" philosophy? Eight short films about philosophy in America and American philosophy by Phillip McReynolds.